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RVP-Mulch layer maiden voyage

Finally had sometime to work on the plastic mulch layer this weekend. I added the roller and two guide wheels to keep it from digging in too deep. While i need to do some fine tuning, it looks like it is going to work!

Is it perfect, no. Is it faster than laying it by hand, heck yea! I still need to add some heavy springs to pull the rear covering discs down to maintain better soil contact and finish the drip tape laying attachment.

Plastic mulch helps conserve moisture, warms the soil and helps preventing weeds. At our small farm, it has become a really big time saver!

 photo 137_1049_zpsdc53ce04.jpg

 photo 137_1051_zpsce8769e5.jpg

 photo 137_1046_zps1578004c.jpg

 photo 137_1048_zps28957a60.jpg

 photo 137_1042_zps9093652a.jpg

I made 4 or 5 minor adjustments while laying this test strips, the final adjustment dialed it in pretty close in the upper left.

 photo 137_1041_zpsd1390978.jpg

Same rows, done by hand 3 years ago.
 photo cover1.jpg

Once I get it finished, I will post a video.


RVP-Greeting from then cold, snowy north!

Looking out the window, it sure looks like we could be getting ready for our first winter market, not our first spring market! This weather has been simply crazy. We are appreciative for all the moisture, over 3.5 inches in the last several weeks, but this snow and cold is for the polar bears!

We have been growing, ok trying to grow, crops but it has been hard. With the birth of our son I really didn’t push to get crops in. I also didn’t inter-plant our tomatoes with turnips, radishes, and lettuces. Now I wish I would have. We aren’t going to have many things to sell early on this spring. I direct seeded turnips, radishes outside and they have come up, but aren’t growing. We have lettuce planted in the high tunnels, but they are growing very slow. I need to get the next planting on lettuce in, but it snowed today!

We do have carrots, onions, kales, napa cabbage, swiss chard and bok choy planted. After looking like death for a few days, they are really taking off. We also have all our potatoes in the ground but nothing has come up. The Garlic is also looking nice.

We have peppers to be planted, zucchini and cucumbers to transplant (in the next week).

We also have lots of tomatoes planted. Currently they are under 3-4 layers of row cover and I added a propane heater as an insurance policy.

Here is what they looked like last week.
 photo 137_0974_zps59b73ada.jpg

Under the row cover
 photo 137_0978_zpsb1af8de0.jpg

Zucchini and Cucumber transplants
 photo 137_0977_zps5bcba196.jpg

 photo 137_0982_zps4d389e25.jpg

Onions and Carrots
 photo 137_0988_zps5e5856cc.jpg

 photo 137_0989_zpsaac98d62.jpg

I hope we will be able to fight off the cold temps and really start getting some plantings in.

We won’t be at the Manhattan Market on Wednesday this week. With the freezing temps and snow, I couldn’t get anything harvest and I am not ready anyway!

If all goes as planned, I will be there on May 1st. May 8th for sure!

Hope to see you then!


RVP- Bad Farmer I am, keeping you updated I am not.

As I was finishing up school work tonight, after a trip to Kansas City for a planned doctors appointment for one of the girls, it occurred to me that I haven’t let everyone know why I haven’t opened the market.

Well we are out of everything, almost. We still have some carrots, but I am sold out. We have been planting, seeding, transplanting and working very hard for the last several weeks. In my mind I let everyone know, but it never happened in reality!

We finally transplanted over 300 tomatoes last Friday, only lost 2. Now we get to contend with cold weather and possibly snow on this Wednesday! This is later than usual, but the weather and baby has made it tough! Our onions and carrots planted and seeded back in Late January and February are looking good. We also have all our potatoes in and the Garlic is looking great! We have transplanted one whole moveable building with Chard, Kale, Napa cabbage and Bok Choy. The other one is going to be planted soon too. One 45 foot bed of lettuce and cilantro is transplanted and the next one hopefully will be transplanted this weekend. Round 3 is planted and round 4 is going to be started next Sunday. I am cutting back on some of our spring plantings, just to make sure I don’t over-extend myself. However, I am planning to go all out this summer, fall and winter.

We have direct seeded radishes, turnips and more Yellow, Red, Purple and Orange carrots too. I am also starting little cucumbers and Zucchini this week. I hope this weather straightens up or we are going to be over-run with plants!

Until late April, I am going to keep the Market closed. I am hoping things will explode and start growing, but I am still waiting for that day.

Thank you for your support. We are working hard to bring you the freshest local produce, but it does take time!


RVP-Market is Open, Sorry


I am sorry that opening the market just completely slipped my mind. Baby John is doing well.

Orders are due by 5 pm on Sunday.



Baby John has arrived

John Augustus Sleichter was born at 3:07pm on 3/3/13. He was 8 lbs 2 oz, 18.5 inches long.

Everyone is doing well, but he did have a rough delivery.

Happy Family!


RVP-Snow, Snow and more Snow on the way!


I realized that I hadn’t opened the market for this week. We have been busy moving snow, sledding and planting that I just forgot.

We ended up with 9-10 inches of snow. Everything came through just fine. With a strange East wind, most of the snow blew off all the high tunnels and I only cleaned them off once. It probably was required, but better safe than sorry!

On the growing front, I am planning on planting tomatoes in 3.5 weeks. It is hard to believe, but that is what my calendar says. I may have to adjust. The onions appear to be doing well. I am glad I have them planted, instead of trying to get them planted this week. I have carrots coming up too. I hope everything makes it through these bitterly cold mornings.

We will be tearing out stuff in the next two weeks to make room for new plantings. We will be offering salad mix this week and probably the following week too. I will leave the Kale for two more weeks, but then it will have to come out too.

The transition time is always hard to figure out, but I will see if we can keep some stuff going in another tunnel while I clear out the other two. We have 24 flats of plants growing with 50 to 98 seedlings in each one. As soon as the weather evens out, we will be planting.

We will try to fill all orders this week with normal delivery times, but with the winter weather coming in on Sunday night/Monday morning and a baby that can’t make up its mind when it wants to come, it could change. Don’t let that scare you from ordering, just keep it in mind.

Orders are due by 5 pm on Sunday!



RVP-Market is Open


The market is open. I am afraid you may find your choices a little sparse. The lettuce isn’t ready yet and there hasn’t been enough regrowth on some things. While they are growing, it just isn’t fast enough. I may add to some of the offerings on Saturday (after I actually go out and physically check, most the time I do this from memory) if I do add things back, it won’t be much.

We are busy planting. We seeded 2 carrot beds two weeks ago. They should be germinating soon. I have been busy planting onions too. I ordered enough (mathematically)to plant the areas. The onions bunches were very full and I have enough to plant a one more 3 by 45 foot bed and they will be packed in to try and use them all. The tomatoes are coming up along with many other cool season crops.

Remember orders are due by Sunday at 5 pm.





It was great to see so many people on Friday evening. We sold out of many things, but we do have a one time offering of our Hardy Winter Salad Mix. It is a blend of 3 types of kale, Tendergreen Mustard, Haikuri Turnip Greens. It is really good with a warm vinaigrette.

We also have alot of green onions and carrots. If you were unable to stop by, then place an order and we will deliver on Tuesday or Wednesday.


RVP-Opening the Market


The market is going to be open this weekend. With that being said, for the best choice and selection, come to the Farmers Market on Friday Night at Pottorf Hall in CICO Park from 4 til 8pm.

I am running low on greens. I have plenty of Carrots, Red Russian Kale and Winterbor Kale, but I am out of Dinosaur Kale. I am also out of Swiss Chard (until it regrows). I am also out of lettuce until the next planting get big enough to pick. I also harvested out the remaining baby kales, swiss chard, mustards and haikuri turnips to make a “Hardy Winter Green Mix”.

By doing this it allows me to prep beds and get spring carrots planted ASAP. I also am going to be out of haikuri turnips and Daikon radishes until spring. I am working up these beds to get onions plants planted in 2 weeks. I am also starting tomatoes very soon (kinda crazy to say). I also am cleaning up and working up the beds in my big tunnel to get ready for spring plantings of tomatoes.

With a new baby on the way, I am trying to get as much stuff prepped or planted before it comes.

New news, with a really good winter market season and some careful planning I was able to purchase a small tractor. It will really help me be more efficient next spring. I am also working on building a plastic mulch layer and rebuilding a cultivator. I hope to have them done in February. I will share pictures as they get finished. I am really excited for this.

Thank you for supporting everyone. Without our customers, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do!

Finally, if you have an order from last week I will have those for you on Friday night.



RVP-Last week's orders


I want to let everyone know that I am feeling better, but I still have a cough. I haven’t been this sick, ever, PERIOD!

I will fill your orders from last week, if you still want them this Friday at the Winter Market in Manhattan from 4 til 8 pm at Pottorf Hall.

If you do not want your order, please let me know and I will cancel it.

I am sorry for this, I hope (for my sake) I never have to do that again!

Hope to see you Friday evening.