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This page contains news, event information, and other items added by the market managers. We will try to post entries as often as possible. If you need specific information that you cannot find here, please email for assistance. Thanks!

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RVP-Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, a time for family and friends. I would like you give you “Thanks” for supporting our businesses. Also, thank you for buying local. It has been an adventure during the last 3 years. Floods, Wind, Snow, Hail, Heat and Drought, we have seen it all. Yet one thing still continues, our goal to provide locally grown produce and products to you. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been rewarding.

As you look at your plans for Thanksgiving, please strongly consider what we have to offer for part or all of your meal.

You will notice many new products available. From Smoked Ham Roasts to Red Bok Choy. To Cheeses and Pies, to Pumpkins and Buffalo. Don’t forget about Jams and Jellies.

We have 118 products available to you. That includes 38 vegetable choices.

Delivery this week will happen as normal, Tuesday evening in Clay Center and Wednesday Evening in Manhattan. The following week we will move the delivery back to Saturday December 1st, the 2nd winter market in Manhattan. The reason for this is to allow myself enough time to harvest for that market during the daylight hours.

Thank you again for a wonderful 2012 and we hope the best for 2013!

Thank you,

Jay and Linda

RVP- The Market is OPEN


It was nice to see many people stop by and either pick up their orders or make their selections at the first Winter Market in Manhattan on November 3rd. If you weren’t there this is what you missed.


Almost 40 feet of produce and jams and jellies. I knew I was taking alot, but I didn’t realize I had 40 feet! If our winter squash wouldn’t have been such a bust this year, I would have had to add another table!

Don’t worry, we still have plenty left to pick this week. We are in fact still planting. I have 5 more 45 foot beds to transplant into and we have all those transplants waiting to go in. We also moved our movable buildings on Thursday night to cover the carrots for the winter. Who knows what Sunday and Monday will bring.

We aren’t adding any new products this week, but we will be adding the following as they become available. Red Bok Choy, Mustard Greens, Spinach, Arugula, Napa Cabbage, and Green Onions.

We will also add more pork as soon as we can get everything organized and entered in.

Do you know of someone who may be interested in RVP, please let them know. We have plenty of produce to share.

Good news, I will moving our delivery time up to 5 pm on Wednesdays.

Remember, orders are due by 5 pm on Sunday.


Jay and Linda

RVP- Thank you for all the orders

Thank you for all the orders today, lets keep them coming!

I have noticed that some of you were being charged a membership fee, again. If you were wrongly charged, I have gone back in and credited your account to take that off your total due at pick-up. I am not sure why you got charged, but I think it was because when I set up RVP 3 years ago, I didn’t see the button to click for Lifetime membership. I had clicked annual. I have since changed it, but I think a few of you signed up prior to that change and the computer remembers when you signed up. I am going to contact the website Admin and see if we can get this fixed. If not, I will keep doing this annual fix!

Finally, if you know of people who are interested in RVP, please let them know. We are wanting to grow our membership. We have plenty of produce available and would love to help feed more people.



RVP- The Market it Open

Hello everyone,

I have been asked several time today, the market is open.

Orders are due by Sunday at 5pm. Remember, pick up in Manhattan will be at CICO park from 5:15 to 6:00. Clay Center pick up will remain the same.



RVP-Market is Open


The market is open. If you don’t want to wait until Wednesday, you can come down and pick up produce on Saturday at Pottorf Hall in Manhattan from 8 til 12. It will be the first Winter Market.

Remember, we are back to our regular schedule. Clay Center delivery on Tuesday Evening, and Wednesday delivery to Manhattan, please note the change in Location for the Manhattan drop off. We will handle the pick up at CiCo park where the Wednesday night market is located.

Orders are due by 5pm on Sunday.



RVP-Check out the Changes


The time has come to make a few changes. With the Farmers Market drawing to a close, it will be time to have a new pick-up schedule in Manhattan. Since our daughter graduated from speech (HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT), we will move our delivery point to CICO park, where the Wednesday Farmers Market is at. Pick up will be between 5:15 and 6:00.

With that said, for each of the Winter markets in Manhattan, first one Saturday November 3rd, we will schedule our delivery to the winter market and not Wednesday night. I will make up a schedule and share it with everyone ASAP.

If you are in Clay Center, I will deliver your orders on Tuesday. If you order any breads or Cheeses, I will delivery them to you on Saturday afternoon.

About the Farm, we are starting to pick our lettuce. It seems like it has been a long time coming! Truth be told, it was really only 4 weeks ago! The Kale is coming along, so is the chard.

Remember, orders are due by Sunday at 5pm, Clay Center deliveries will be on Tuesday and Saturday in Manhattan at the first winter Market at Pottorf Hall.



RVP- The Market is Open

Here to let you know, we haven’t blown away! All the fall colors are now gone, but the new fall and winter colored produce is looking great!

Orders are due by 5 pm on Sunday