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Market is open

It has been a crazy week. Getting ready for the Winter market in Manhattan, working on income and business taxes and trying to get seeds started along with 4-H day and school. All in a days work.

Hope to see you on Friday night in Manhattan at Pottorf Hall from4 til 7pm.


The market is OPEN

Seed orders are coming in and with the expected upswing in temperatures, it sounds and feels like spring will be on its way very soon. We will be planting carrots this weekend and starting tomato seeds inside. I am hopeful for a good growing season.

We are looking at trying a few new crops this year and continuing many of the old favorites.

Some new crops will include:
-Lunchbox peppers
-Parsnips (maybe this will be the year!)
-Celeriac root (new to me)
-Rutabegas ( 3rd year will be a charm)
-Increasing our onion plantings
-Some new melon varieties
-A few new tomato varieties

Just a few things you may see in the months to come.

Orders are due by Saturday at 10pm. Deliveries will be Tuesday.



The market is OPEN......

I am sorry I am slow to get the market open this week. Between forgetting to and loosing internet, I am just late. It looks to be a very nice week ahead of us. The only problem is I don’t have many greens to sell. We have lots of roots, but I have picked the greens down to very low levels. I am hoping a week of sun, warmth and water, they will start making a quick growth spurt. We will be reaching that critical “10” hours of sunlight very soon and when that happens growth really starts to pick up.

I will leave the market open until Sunday at 10 pm.



RVP, coming out of the cold....

After the week of single digits and below zero wind chills, it is looking like this week will be warmer. With that said, I am still unsure how everything is. The plants look alive, but time will tell. I don’t know how much is damage, and how much is still good.

I am going to keep the market closed until I can see how things look after a few warmer days.



Holiday Greetings from RVP!

Hello everyone, I hope you are staying nice and warm and with the snow over night, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

We have a winter market on Saturday (December 20th) in Manhattan. Manhattan folks can preorder, if they would like. We will be doing deliveries in Clay Center on MONDAY evening. We will be out of town on Tuesday. If you are in Wakefield, we can work out delivery method. We could deliver on Monday or drop it by on Tuesday morning on our way by.

Thank you for the support and I hope to continue to provide you with the freshest produce year around in 2015.

We will continue the market over Christmas break and will make a delivery on December 30th, if interested.

Merry Christmas,

Jay, Linda and the Kiddos!

RVP market is Open

The market is open. Remember, orders are due by 10pm on Saturday.



RVP market is Open

Remember, orders are due by 10pm on Saturday.

Manhattan folks, you can preorder for the December 6th market this week. It is your choice. Just select “Winter Market” as pick up location.


RVP market is Open!

Oops, with all the Thanksgiving Holiday preparations, I completely forgot about opening the Market on Wednesday evening. I hope you had a good time with family and friends. I appreciate your support throughout the years and I hope to be able to continue serving you.

It is an exciting time for me, at the farm. As of Thanksgiving morning, I made the final wiring connections on the new to me walk in cooler. The used 7 by 9 foot cooler is going to give us so much more room to store produce and give me some flexibility when picking and storing our produce we grow and sell.
 photo photo1_zps0882b69f.jpg
I have had the cooler up for several weeks now, but last weekend I cut the hole and installed the new AC unit and Coolbot. A coolbot is an electronic device that tricks the AC unit into running lower than it normally should. With this unit hooked to an Air conditioner, we can cool the cooler to 38 degrees, or even colder. Check it out at I am not finished with the build, I have some additional insulation to add and work on getting the door to seal better, but it is functional. I will be excited to see how it performs next summer.

 photo photo2_zpsb8c1080c.jpg

 photo photo1_zps63fe259a.jpg

Remember, orders are due by 10pm on Saturday.

Manhattan folks, you can preorder for the December 6th market this week or next week. It is your choice. Just select “Winter Market” as pick up location.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jay, Linda and the kiddos

RVP Online Farmers Market is NOW OPEN!

I am trying to get back in the swing of things, but still struggling to remember that I backed up the market opening one day. Reminder, orders need to be in by Saturday at 10pm. If you are in Manhattan and placing a preorder for pick up at the winter market in Pottorf Hall at CICO park, please have your order placed by 5 pm on Friday please.

We have taken a hit on some produce, but I hope we have enough planted to carry us through. We aren’t suppose to have single digit cold in November!

I hope we can get some milder weather in for the next few weeks, we need it.


Jay, Linda and the Kids


Wow, winter is here. I was barely ready for it, not sure about you. With this cold weather, we did lose some things. Radishes being the main one. Everything is looking amazingly well, despite the cold. Time will tell. With this cold, the one saving grace has been the full sun each day. It warms the high tunnels up and allows the plants to thaw. It also warms the soil. I hope it is enough to carry it through the next week. We usually get this cold snap in January, not November.

Please have your orders placed by 10 pm on Saturday. Deliveries will be on Tuesday. If you are in Wakefield I will deliver to school on Tuesday.

Special Note for Manhattan Customers:
With the winter market on NOVEMBER 22nd, you can either place a pre-order this market or next market. Remember, this is only for pick up at the winter market on November 22nd.

Stay warm!

Jay, Linda and the 5 munchkins